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I take commissions for art, literature and sewing.

For examples of my art/literature go to my art website: http://rainbrowmide.synthasite.com/

I accept fanart, OC's, etc. All will be drawn in anime style because that's all I'm good at right now. I'm working on expanding my skills lol. If you are unsure if I will accept something, just ask!! I most likely will accept it. Don't be scared to ask.

All pieces will be $5 and they will not include a background. If you want more than 2 characters in a picture it will be $1 for each added character. If you want a background we'll discuss prices.

I accept pretty much anything.
I will NOT write songs and/or poetry.

DRABBLES [1000 words or less]: $3
[each 1000 words added is another +$2 (EX. 3000 word drabble would be $7 total)]

For now I am only accepting smaller things such as skirts, shirts, eyepatches, etc.
Price depends on what you order.
I refuse to accept any order unless you have a picture describing what you want it to look like, the colour, etc.
If you can't draw then commission me to draw it for you and we'll discuss it until we've come up with something you like :]